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Display Ads online are used to entice a person with an appealing message using eye-catching visuals or illustrations. This page will have various samples to demonstrate.



When determining the proper amount of Text or Verbiage in your ad, think of a Tweet.
140-160 characters, split over several slides.
This makes your message easily absorbed by the viewer.

Remember, these ads are intended to be visual. If text is the only thing important to you, you would likely be better off purchasing AdWords.


Every ad should contain a CALL TO ACTION message.
Meaning instructions to CLICK on your ad. You would be surprised at how often ads are not clicked simply because the viewer didn’t know they were supposed to click on the ad. It seems odd, but sometimes you literally need to tell the viewer what to do.

Typically this is done on the very last slide of your ad with a “CLICK HERE” button, however there can be hundreds of variations of the CALL TO ACTION:

  • Click Here
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Register Today
  • etc…


Although we will provide a report at the end of the month showing how many views and clicks you’ve received on your ad campaign, we recommend not to include the following on your ads:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Addresses

Although there are exceptions to this rule (for example you are trying to BRAND a phone number into peoples heads), the viewer will have access to all of this information as soon as they click onto your web page. If you were to provide the phone number on the ad, it reduces the likelihood of them clicking and thus, making it more difficult to track how effective your ads are.


If it is within your budget, we strongly recommend Animating your Ads. Movement… even subtle movement on a screen will catch the eye, a viewer can’t help but to look at it.

Below are some examples between moving and non moving ads so you can see the difference.
Note* HTML5 will not only allow for SMOOTH animation, it will also allow for your viewer to interact with your ad, or add features like a Replay button, or you can use a shooting game for example.


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